About Us


The aims of the German–Irish Society Saarland / Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft Saarland e.V. are the promotion of Irish culture in Germany (and German culture in Ireland) and the promotion of the relationship between the two nations, with a special focus on Saarland. We organize cultural events and/or excursions for our members, but also for the general public, and support all kinds of activities related to Irish culture, music, art and literature. There is no membership fee and everyone with an interest in Ireland, no matter if Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, is welcome to join.


Board Members:

Sanja Bentz
Sven Kretzschmar
Eva Michely
Christine Moyrer


Founding Members:

Denise Heil
Eva Michely
Heike Mißler
Julia Raber
Dr. Bruno von Lutz
Prof. Dr. Joachim Frenk
Prof. Dr. Bert Hornback
Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner

Check out our Satzung here.


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